Top Load Cartoner

Top-load cartoner forms cartons from flats, loads, closes, labels, and check-weighs cartons in a fully integrated, servo driven system.

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  • Servo driven design allows high-speed production while maintaining precise positioning
  • Allen-Bradley controls are standard on all machines, giving you the tools you need to have full control of your process
  • Robotic loading utilizes tooling specifically designed for your application
  • Quick change tooling allows for rapid changeover between product and carton sizes


  • Cartons are formed from cost effective flats verses auto-bottom style cartons
  • The cartoner can be easily integrated with a HFFS machine for seamless operation
  • Energy Efficient Design - very little compressed air usage
  • Designed specifically for near one hundred percent runtime and efficiency
  • Allen-Bradley controls make it simple to integrate automated loading and off-loading.


  • Integrated labeling
  • Integrated printing
  • Check weighing
  • Glued or mechanically locking cartons
  • Literature load station


Minimum Maximum
Length 3 in 8 in
Width 3 in 8 in
Height 3 in 8 in
Speed 40 cpm*

* cpm: cartons per minute